Potential mast in Holwood (CTIL 149744 / VF 87800 / TEF 72106)

Keston residents, be aware that proposals are being considered for a new telecommunication mast on the Holwood Estate. Information can be found here. If you have strong feeling you are advised to write in to the council to make your opinion count. Additional images.

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Fox Lane Appeal

29 Fox Lane was refused by the London Borough of Bromley, The applicants have lodged an appeal. Please see the link below.

Fox Lane Appeal

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Bromley Common and Keston Ward newsletter – October 2016

The October newsletter is now available to download at the link below.

October 2016 Newsletter

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Improvements to bus route 336

From Saturday 20 August route 336 which runs between Catford and Locksbottom will be running more frequently in order to meet increasing customer demand.

We’ll be increasing frequencies so that buses run every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes, instead of every 20 minutes, and on Sundays and each evening buses will run every 20 minutes instead of every 30 minutes.

New more environmentally friendly buses with Euro VI standard engines will be introduced, and the route will be operated by Stagecoach (previously Metrobus).

An email is being sent to users of route 336 who have a registered Oyster card informing them of the frequency improvements.

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Changes to route 146

From Saturday 20 August the timetable for route 146 which runs between Bromley North station and Downe will change. This is to improve reliability.

On Monday to Friday the first two journeys in the morning will run up to 11 minutes earlier to improve reliability.

There’s no change at other times, with buses running about every 60 minutes as now.

New, more environmentally friendly, single-deck buses with Euro VI standard engines will be introduced on the route, and it will now be operated by Stagecoach (previously Metrobus).

Notices are being posted at bus stops between Downe and Hayes to alert customers to these changes.

The new timetable can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:
New timetable for 146

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Bromley Common and Keston Ward – Newsletter August 2016

The latest newsletter for the BCK ward can be viewed by clicking on the link below.
BCK newsletter for August 2016

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Bromley Common and Keston Ward – Newsletter June 2016

Please click on the link below to view a copy of the Bromley Common and Keston Ward newsletter for June 2016.

Newsletter – June 2016

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AGM Wednesday 1June 2016

Our thanks to the 60 residents and 3 ward councillors who were able to join us on such an inclement evening.
Larry Herbert chair of the Friends of Keston Common and also chair of Bromley Friends forum gave us a very informative talk about the work of the friends who meet every Friday between 10 & 12 to carry out very necessary work on the common, in the Ravensbourne green space and in Padmill wood. Larry told us that the group that began in 2009 had been successful in securing £30,000 of funding which had enabled them to restore a Victorian gate, set up 4 story boards giving the history of the common and carry out other maintenance work.
Mike Overall chair of the Keston Residents Road Safety group (KRRSG) spoke to us about why the group was formed in 2015. There are 3 separate Residents associations KVRA, Keston Mark & Bromley common and Keston Park representing different parts of Keston but all of them border on the junction at Keston Mark which is a particular problem and it was felt that a combined group with representatives from each of the Residents Associations would be a good way to tackle the road safety issues affecting the village. Mike also told the meeting about the Community Road watch programme where residents can volunteer to help the police monitor the speed of traffic on selected roads in the borough.
The meeting also had the opportunity to discuss with Cllr Carr the issue of the increase in operating hours at Biggin Hill. Cllr Carr said that the Councils Executive would be considering Biggin Hill Airports report on 15 June 2016 and if they were satisfied with the responses received they may agree to the increase in operating hours. Cllr Carr went on to say that with the conditions imposed on the Airport the movements and noise would be less than the village is experiencing at the moment and he guaranteed that if Biggin Hill infringed the conditions, which will be monitored by the Council then the increased operating hours would be rescinded. His assurances were met by a great deal of scepticism by residents.
A number of residents also raised a contentious Planning Application Ref: DC/16/02352/FULL1. An application has been submitted for a change of use from Class C3 (dwelling house) to Class C2 (residential institution) to allow use of the property at 29 Fox Lane as a children’s home. Residents of Fox Lane, Heritage Hill, Leafy Grove and others nearby were encouraged to inspect the application on the internet using the Search Planning Applications service at www.bromley.gov.uk/planningaccess using reference 16/02352/Full1 and to submit their comments to LBB. In response to residents’ concerns Councillor Alexa Michael, stated that she would ‘called the application in’, this means it will be considered by a Planning Committee of elected Councillors and not decided by a LBB Officer.”
The meeting ended with refreshments and nibbles. £131 was collected in donations.
For full minutes of the meeting please follow the link below
AGM Wednesday 1 June 2016

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KVRA committee meeting 25 May 2016 update

Below you will find a brief update of the important points from the KVRA committee meeting that took place on Wednesday 25 May.

We were pleased that Cllrs Carr and Michael were able to join us it is always helpful as the Cllrs are able to update on the latest information from the Council and often take issues forward for us.

Traffic calming measures in Heathfield Rd
- Cllr Carr told us that the first step in looking at the possibility of getting something installed was for the Council to undertake a consultation exercise and write to the residents of Heathfield Rd. He said that he would begin that process by talking to the appropriate Officers the following day. Once the consultation starts, please be sure to copy KVRA on your comments to LBB. This will enable us to be aware of the strength of residents views.

Biggin Hill airport
-There is no news on the Judicial Review process although Cllr Carr informed the Committee that the papers had been transferred from Manchester, where the review had been lodged, to London and in his view there was not going to be a case. David Clapham did not agree with this view and so we still await further news. For further information, please see www.flightpathwatch.co.uk .
The LBB Executive will consider the responses from Biggin Hill Airport to all the recommendations included as conditions by LBB at the meeting in the Civic Centre at 7pm on Wednesday 15th June 2016. The report under consideration can be found on the following link: http://cds.bromley.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=121&MId=5760&Ver=4 Attendance at this important meeting will show your support.

Al-Emaan Centre
There will be a chance for local residents to visit the centre at 7.30pm on 31st May 2016. See enclosed invitation flyer.
Mobile phone mast
Cllr Michael is in contact with vodafone regarding the possible alternative siting for a mast at Holwood, outside the boundary of the scheduled ancient monument.

We look forward to seeing as many residents as possible at the AGM on Wednesday 1 June at 8pm in the Village Hall.

Road closure for Shire Lane that Southern Gas Networks or SGN as they are now known will implement on Saturday 28/5 morning.

Please see the SGN website https://www.sgn.co.uk/Roadworks/Southern-projects/Orpington-Shire-Lane/ and the attached pdf SGN have distributed locally.

You can follow progress on the SGN twitter feed https://twitter.com/sgngas?lang=en-gb as well as on their website and of course, the Council will re-tweet the SGN message to help spread the news.

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