Below are a few historic photographs of Keston Village.

Keston Village 7Keston Village 8Keston Village 2Keston Village 9Keston Village 10Keston Village 11Keston Village 12Keston Windmill 3Wilberforce Oak 2Caeser's Well 1Keston Village 14Keston Church 1Keston Village 5Keston Ponds 2Keston Village 6Keston Village 7Keston Historic Photo 1Keston Ponds 1Keston Historic 2
Keston WindmillKeston Village 3Keston Village 4

Below are a selection of photographs taken at Countryside Day 2015. There are also photographs taken at the Village Sign unveiling – can you see yourself?



Click here for photos of Keston at the Geograph Website

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  1. If you would like to see my images of OUR Keston village , please go to this FlickR website. You can download and use any image as you wish, I hope you will enjoy

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