The KVRA has a long standing Constitution which states its aims as follows;

“The aims of the Association are to act where and when necessary to protect and improve the amenities and consider all other matters affecting the environment of Keston Village on behalf of its residents. The Association is non-political.”

To achieve these aims, we have a Committee comprising 10 Keston residents. This group meets bi-monthly and works to monitor, consider, consult and respond to matters affecting the village and to keep up to date on important matters on behalf of residents. Such matters would include; building alterations and developments particularly within the Conservation Area and more routine day to day matters including traffic and transport.

We monitor Planning Applications carefully and act to communicate with residents when local opinion needs to be sought. We listen carefully to residents’ views and always aim to reflect these as we communicate with officials.

KVRA has a long-standing seat on the wider London Borough of Bromley Residents’ Federation. This group comprises 38 individual residents’ associations and meets every two or three months. The Federation seeks to provide a forum for discussions on matters which may be of interest or impact on the whole Bromley area as well as a flow of information from and to all residents’ associations.

Keston Village Residents’ Association seeks to take the initiative as well as acting to respond to matters of concern and always acts in an open and transparent way. We welcome the involvement of residents and report annually to the Association’s AGM at which time officers are elected.

2 Responses to KVRA

  1. Neil and Christine Lloyd says:

    We have just been looking at your website and are most impressed. Congratulations !
    Thank you for including the link with Friends of Keston Common and thank you also for giving us some time at the AGM.

    • David Clapham says:

      Thank you for your kind comments about the website, which is a result of a great deal of work by Chris Mulinder. We enjoyed your succinct presentation at the AGM, thank you.

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