AGM 1 June 2016
Our thanks to the 60 residents and 3 ward councillors who were able to join us on such an inclement evening.
Larry Herbert chair of the Friends of Keston Common and also chair of Bromley Friends forum gave us a very informative talk about the work of the friends who meet every Friday between 10 & 12 to carry out very necessary work on the common, in the Ravensbourne green space and in Padmill wood. Larry told us that the group that began in 2009 had been successful in securing £30,000 of funding which had enabled them to restore a Victorian gate, set up 4 story boards giving the history of the common and carry out other maintenance work.
Mike Overall chair of the Keston Residents Road Safety group (KRRSG) spoke to us about why the group was formed in 2015. There are 3 separate Residents associations KVRA, Keston Mark & Bromley common and Keston Park representing different parts of Keston but all of them border on the junction at Keston Mark which is a particular problem and it was felt that a combined group with representatives from each of the Residents Associations would be a good way to tackle the road safety issues affecting the village. Mike also told the meeting about the Community Road watch programme where residents can volunteer to help the police monitor the speed of traffic on selected roads in the borough.
The meeting also had the opportunity to discuss with Cllr Carr the issue of the increase in operating hours at Biggin Hill. Cllr Carr said that the Councils Executive would be considering Biggin Hill Airports report on 15 June 2016 and if they were satisfied with the responses received they may agree to the increase in operating hours. Cllr Carr went on to say that with the conditions imposed on the Airport the movements and noise would be less than the village is experiencing at the moment and he guaranteed that if Biggin Hill infringed the conditions, which will be monitored by the Council then the increased operating hours would be rescinded. His assurances were met by a great deal of scepticism by residents.
A number of residents also raised a contentious Planning Application Ref: DC/16/02352/FULL1. An application has been submitted for a change of use from Class C3 (dwelling house) to Class C2 (residential institution) to allow use of the property at 29 Fox Lane as a children’s home. Residents of Fox Lane, Heritage Hill, Leafy Grove and others nearby were encouraged to inspect the application on the internet using the Search Planning Applications service at using reference 16/02352/Full1 and to submit their comments to LBB. In response to residents’ concerns Councillor Alexa Michael, stated that she would ‘called the application in’, this means it will be considered by a Planning Committee of elected Councillors and not decided by a LBB Officer.”
The meeting ended with refreshments and nibbles. £131 was collected in donations.

The 2015 AGM was held on 14 May attended by local ward Councillor Ruth Bennett and over 70 residents.
Tim Sargent from BT openreach updated the meeting on progress with the installation of faster broadband for the village.
Rob Vale from Bromley Trading Standards gave a very informative talk about to protect ourselves and our more vulnerable neighbours, from doorstep crime.
Monica Wiltshire – Tree Warden Ravensbourne Valley Preservation Society, gave an informative and reassuring account of how to stand up against insurance led demands to fell trees protected by TPOs.
Completing the theme, Viv Haskey shared her learning from a recent tree symposium she had attended.

The AGM held in Keston Village Hall on Thursday 21st June 2012 was attended by 50 people, which included two local Councillors and our guest the local historian; Ted Williams.

Following the recent sad death of Barry Cogswell, the Chairman recorded the considerable contribution Barry had made over many years to several key elements of KVRA business as well as his long term dedicated service as a Trustee of the Village Hall.

The audience elected the KVRA Committee as a group and the Chairman thanked all members for their hard work during the year and for their commitment to the village and a further year’s service. A member of the audience thanked the committee for getting the bus stop re-instated to its original location.

Local historian Ted Williams, who writes under the name ‘Chalkpit’ in The Keston Magazine gave a wide ranging and comprehensive talk supported by numerous photographs on historic aspects of the village of Keston. The talk was most interesting and questions followed.

An open forum sought views from residents as to priorities for the coming year, surprisingly none were proposed. The audience heard that the committee was considering renovation of the drinking fountain on the common.

During the year the committee had received an offer of six Canterbury Plates depicting views of Keston from a past resident Tony Staples, who had moved out of the area.
It had been agreed that the plates would be auctioned and the proceeds put towards the fund for the new village sign. The plates were auctioned and the sum of £35 raised.

Following the formal presentation, the meeting ended and many remained to enjoy a glass of wine and talking to friends and neighbours.

Thanks to our speaker and to those who attended for their contributions and support.

AGM 2011

The 2011 AGM was held in Keston Village Hall and attended by over 80 people, which included three local Councillors and Sergeant Nick McLaughlan from Bromley Common & Keston Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Following his recent sad death, the considerable contribution by John Ratcliffe was recognised by both the Chairman and later by the Leader of Bromley Council, Stephen Carr.

The KVRA Committee was elected and the Chairman thanked the new individuals who had volunteered to serve for the coming year and in doing so he recognised and thanked Tim Akers and Alison Oosthuizen, who were both standing down from formal roles, for their past hard work.

The Chairman thanked the Friends of Keston Common and Leela from KVRA who had resurrected Countryside Day during 2011 and recognised the considerable hard work that Chris & Carol Mulinder had put into the new KVRA website and the village sign respectively.

Christine Lloyd from the Friends of Keston Common outlined the work of her group and invited people to join in.

Patrick Phillips, Head of Parks and Green Space gave a very informative talk on his background and the considerable task faced by his department in maintaining the 156 parks, 52 allotments, 66 playgrounds and many miles of verges containing 36,000 trees. He acknowledged and thanked the members of the 56 ‘friends’ groups who now contributed significantly to the maintenance task.

Stephen Carr, Council Leader, London Borough of Bromley gave a wide ranging and comprehensive talk on the significant challenges the Council faces in the light of the budget cuts and the steps being taken to maintain services. He asked for feedback and comments on any services which were no longer necessary. He went on to outline the plans for the future development of the Borough and answered questions from the audience.

Following the formal presentations, the meeting ended and many remained to enjoy a glass of wine and talking to friends and neighbours. Contributions of £170 were made towards the new Village Sign. We are looking for further support from all villagers and the Post Office and Fiona’s Pantry have kindly offered to display collection boxes.

Thanks to our speakers and to those who attended for their contributions and support.

The Minutes are now available – click the ‘Minutes’ page above.

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  2. Sheila Collins says:

    Thank you for such an interesting and informative site. We live in Croydon Road and are unsure whether your association extends this far – our address is Keston though so we hope so. Can you enlighten me?

    • DJC says:

      Thank you for your kind comments. To answer your question Keston Village Residents’ Association covers the South side of Croydon Road between Commonside and the Westerham Road. This includes Quiet Nook, Phoenix Drive, Thanet Drive and the Avenue.

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