Current local planning issues relevant to Keston Village:-

Full details available on the Bromley Borough website.

DC/19/03357/FULL6   23 Oakfield Lane  Ground floor rear and side extension and first floor extension to create two storey dwelling. loft conversion incorporating front and side dormers and a rear dormer with Juliet balcony, roof lights to front elevation. Under consideration.

DC/19/03436/FULL6  Fox Hill House, Leafy Grove   Part garage conversion and first floor side extension and elevational alterations to include roof lights and Juliet balcony.  Under consideration.

DC/19/02694/FULL6   Tioga, Leafy Grove   Single storey addition above existing rear portion to create first floor habitable space incorporating balconies to south and west facing elevations, alterations to existing hard standing, new garage and elevational alterations. Under consideration.

DC/19/01307/FULL6  55 Fox Lane   Rear single storey extension. Under consideration.

DC/19/01566/TREE 35 Heathfield Road  Fell sycamore in rear garden. Permitted.

DC/19/00611/FULL6   7 Regents Drive  New pitched roof to garage, ground floor rear extension and extension to existing utility room, first floor side/rear extension incorporating five velux windows and elevational/internal alterations. Under consideration.

DC/19/00813/FULL6   6 Regents Drive   First floor side/rear extensions. Demolition of existing conservatory and construction of a single storey extension with light lantern. Infill front extension to utility and elevational alterations. Under consideration.

DC/19/01010/FULL6  37 Fox Lane   Ground floor rear extension. Under consideration.

DC/19/01088/TELCOM   Land adjacent to N entrance to Holwood, Westerham Road.  Installation of 15m high replacement telecoms mast with 6 antennas, 2 GPS modules and ground based equipment cabinets. 56 Day Consultation by Vodafone and Telefonica regarding the need for approval and appearance of Telecoms apparatus.Under consideration.

DC/18/05515/PLUD   69 Fox Lane  Demolition of existing S side conservatory and existing E side extension and construction of a 2 storey extension on S and E side, and rear extension of E and W side extensions and elevational alterations (all under Permitted Development ). Refused as not Permitted Development.

DC/18/05488/FULL6   ’Hartland’  Jackass Lane   Demolition of existing utility room to the side and construction of side and rear extension. Under consideration.

DC/19/00602/FULL6  1C Greys Park Close  Erection of new storage garage with additional parking to front garden. Permitted.

Dc/19/00486/FULL6  21 Commonside  Demolition of existing side garage and existing rear extension and construction of new single storey side and rear extension. Permitted.

DC/18/05112/FULL1  Land to rear of 15-21 Commonside. Erection of a detached 2 storey 5 bedroom house, vehicle access, means of enclosure and associated landscaping. Permission refused. Appeal now lodged.

DC/18/05459/FULL6  ‘Greys’ Heathfield Road   Refurbishment of building and windows, additional roof lights in existing loft room, rear ground floor extension, proposed basement construction and reconstruction of and extension of existing patio to the rear. Demolition of the wall to the existing single storey side garage and rebuilding the same wall further out ( this is a revised proposal ). Permitted.

DC/18/05661/FULL6  11 Lakes Road  Single storey rear extension. Under consideration.

DC/18/03491/FULL1  7 Beechwood Drive  2 storey rear extension and detached outbuilding. Refused.

DC/18/04377/TREE  26 Commonside  Fell 3 Lime trees on rear Right boundary. Permitted.

Dc/18/04325/TREE  21 Heathfield Road  Fell conifer in rear garden. Permitted.

DC/18/04100/TPO  2 Oakfield Lane  Oak – cut back lateral branches by 2m to property boundary. Lawson cypress (T1 & T2 ) fell. Refused.

DC/18/04544/FULL6   ’Greys’, Heathfield Road.  Rear ground floor extension including extension of patio with steps and glass balustrade. Proposed basement construction, extension of garage, front and rear roof lights and other internal alterations. Refused. See above.

DC/18/03866/FULL6   34 Commonside   Part one/two storey rear extension, loft conversion with front and side roof lights and alterations to front entrance. Permitted subject to no front rooflights and brick exterior remaining.

DC/18/03842/TREE   43 Heathfield Road   Mature oak in front garden- Prune by 15m. Ash in rear garden – prune by 15m. Under consideration.

DC/18/04101/TREE   2 Oakfield Lane   Oak (T1) – Cut back lateral branches by 2m to property boundary. Permitted as no objections.

DC/18/03690/HHPA  ‘Hartland’, Jackass Lane   BR2 6AN Single storey rear extension, extending beyond the rear wall of the house as existing by 5m ( beyond the original rear wall by 5m ) for which the maximum height would be 4m ( maximum height of proposed and previous extensions 4m ) and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.9m ( maximum height of proposed and previous extensions 2.9m ) – ( 42 Day Notification for Householder Permitted Develpoment Prior Approval ) Under consideration.

DC/18/03531/FULL6  ‘Hartland’, Jackass Lane BR2 6AN  Roof alerations to incorporate two rear/three front dormers and one front/three rear roof lights with elevational alterations. Under consideration.

DC/18/03303/PLUD  17 Keston Gardens  Loft conversion with rear dormer. Lawful Development Certificate ( Proposed ). Under consideration.

DC/18/03221/FULL6   5 Heritage Hill   Alterations to roof at rear to create first floor rear extension. Permitted.

DC/18/03223/PLUD   5 Heritage Hill.  Loft conversion with rear dormer extension. Proposed Lawful Development Certificate. Under consideration.

DC/18/03294/FULL6  The Cottage, Heathfield Road. Part one/two storey rear extension to include raised patio area with balustrade and steps to garden, elevational alterations. Permitted.

DC/18/02877/TPO  81 Heathfield Road.  Leylandii hedge – Reduce in height by 2m and reduce front by 1m. Subject to TPO BB 4 1958. Application withdrawn.

Dc/18/02950/FULL6  ‘Corners’, Keston Avenue.  Single storey detached single garage. Permitted.

DC/18/01855/TREE  35 Heathfield Road   Remove 6 Western Red Cedar trees in front garden. Permitted.

DC/18/00940/FULL6  106 West Common Road. Partial demolition of existing building (15m3) and construction of a single storey side and rear extension. Permitted.

Dc/18/01521/FULL1   132 Heathfield Road.  Construction of a single storey rear extension. Permitted.

DC/18/01543/FULL1   132 Heathfield Road.  Alterations to windows and door openings. Permitted.

DC/18/01635/FULL6   5 Regents Drive. single storey side/rear extension and first floor side extension. Permitted.

DC/18/01133/TPO    1c Greys Park Close   Mature oak (T1) on rear boundary – Reduce by2.5m back to vicinity of previous reduction points. Under consideration.

DC/18/01173/FULL1   Foxhill Farm, Jackass Lane.  Refurbishment of an agricultural building and erection of an additional agricultural building to support the essential farming and forestry needs on the holding. Refused.

DC/18/01224/FULL6   40 Heathfield Road.   First floor rear extension, internal alterations and garage conversion. Permitted.

DC/18/01102/FULL6   ’Morven’, Heathfield Road.  Part one/two storey rear extension, single storey front extension and side dormer to first floor. Permitted.

DC/18/00871/FULL1   Keston Parish Church, Church Road.  Enlargement of the existing car park for the church and hall. Awaiting decision.

DC/18/00709/TREE  132 Heathfield Road.  T1 Oak- Remove lowest small dia. branch (100mm dia.) growing toward telegraph pole. Crown lift on building side to give a clearance of 3m above roof – removing only secondary or tertiary branches ( no primary branches to be removed0. Reduce lateral spread over building by a maximum of 2m, pruning back to suitably strong growth points. Sever ivy on trunk at 1.5m from ground level andd remove from trunk between this point and ground level. T2 Dead tree remove. Application withdrawn.

Dc/18/00377/MATAMD  Priors, Jackass Lane.  Single storey rear extension and patio area ( minor material amendment to permission granted under ref. 17/00597 to allow amended materials ). Permitted.

DC/18/00887/FULL1  Log Cabin, Orchard Cottage, Westerham Road.  Demolition of existing dwelling and garage and erection of new single storey contemporary house of 3 bedroom design with associated parking access and landscaping.  Refused.

Dc/18/00828/FULL6.  Green View, Stour Close.  Front porch extension and first floor balcony to extend from existing balcony over the new proposed structure. Refused.

DC/17/04554/TPO  81 Heathfield Road  Removal of Copper beech tree in rear garden on boundary wall – subject to TPO BB4 1958 (A1) Permission refused.

DC/18/00209/PLUD  ‘Hartland’, Jackass Lane   Single storey side extension – Lawful Development Certificate ( Proposed ). Permitted.

DC/18/00208/FULL6  ‘Hartland’, Jackass Lane  Roof alterations. Refused.

DC/17/05671/AGRIC  Foxhill Farm, Jackass Lane.  Proposed erection of barn for use as storage ( Application for Prior Approval under Part 6 Class A of the Town and Country Planning ( General Permitted Development ) ( England ) Order 2015 ). Prior Approval Refused.

DC/17/04024/FULL6  ‘Hartland’, Jackass Lane   Increase in roof height to incorporate front and rear dormers, part one/two storey side/rear extension and front porch. Refused.

DC/17/03660/FULL6  ’Morven’, Heathfield Road.  Part one/two storey rear extension, single storey front extension and side dormer to first floor. Refused on grounds of overdevelopment and detrimental to the CA.

DC/17/03257/FULL6  ’Whitehouse’, 8 Oakfield Lane.   Single storey rear extension. Under consideration.

DC/14/00664/CONDT1   Foxhill Farm, Jackass Lane.  Details of conditions submitted in relation to planning permission ref 14/00664/FULL6 – Condition 3 ( Surface water drainage)

DC/17/03080/FLXAG  Graylins Farm, Jackass Lane. Change of use of agricultural building to form 2 four bedroom houses ( 56 day application for prior approval in respect of transport and highways, noise,contamination, flooding risks, location and siting and external appearance under Class Q of Part 3 of the GPDO 2015 ). Refused on the grounds that it does not come under permitted development regulations.

DC/17/02264/LBC  ’Priors’, Jackass Lane  Single storey rear extension to incorporate roof lantern and internal alterations. Under consideration.

DC/17/02285/FULL6  ’Priors’, Jackass Lane  Single storey rear extension to incorporate roof lantern and internal alterations. Under consideration.

DC/17/02603/TPO  Brockdene Drive, Keston   Prune and fell numerous trees on site including 4 subject to TPOs. Permission only given to fell T6 holly and G7 multi-stemmed laurel/holly. All other trees on the site remain protected.

DC/17/01574/FULL1  ’Montagu’, Keston Avenue.  Detached 2 bedroom chalet bungalow on land to rear with access onto Lakes Road. Refused. On Appeal this has been allowed by the Inspector subject to various Conditions.

DC/17/01643/RECON  Ravensbourne, Westerham Road   Minor Material Amendment to Permission 15/04359/FULL1 to include the erection of a single storey rear glazed box extension to Apt.2 at ground floor level. Under consideration.

DC/17/02117/HHPA  Whitehouse, 8 Oakfield Lane.  Single storey rear extension, extending beyond the rear wall of the house by 4.9m for which the maximum height would be 3.2m and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.9m. ( 42 Day Notification for Householder Permitted Development Prior Approval ). Prior approval not required so this is permitted.

DC/17/02082/HHPA  Whitehouse, 8 Oakfield Lane. Single storey rear extension, extending beyond the rear wall of the house by 4.9m for which the maximum height would be 3.2m and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.9m. ( 42 day Notification for householder Permitted Development Prior Approval ). Granted.

DC/17/01863/PLUD  Whitehouse, 8 Oakfield Lane.  Single storey rear extension. Lawful Development Certificate for a proposed use. Not lawful under the Permitted Development Regulations. See new application DC/17/03254/FULL6 above.

DC/16/05737/TELCOM Land adjacent to North entrance to Holwood, Westerham Road. Erection of 12.5m replica telegraph pole and associated equipment cabinet/works ( Consultation by Vodafone and Telefonica regarding the need for approval and siting ). Note that this is actually a monopole with 1 ground cabinet sited on the grass verge and replaces the previous application for a mast behind the village hall which was refused. Permitted.

DC/16/95646/HHPA  ‘Whitehouse’, 8 Oakfield Lane. Single storey rear extension extending beyond the rear wall of the original house by 4.9m for which the maximum height would be 3.2m and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.9m ( 42 day notification for Householder Permitted Development Prior Approval ). Under consideration.

DC/16/04734/FULL6   57 Fox Lane. first floor/rear extension. Under consideration.

DC/16/04123/FULL6   51 Lakes Road.  Increase in roof height and roof alterations to incorporate 8 roof lights. Under consideration.

DC/16/04121/FULL6  51 Lakes Road.  Increase in roof height and roof alterations to incorporate dormer to rear with 4 roof lights. Under consideration.

DC/16/04118/FULL6  32 Lakes Road. Single storey front and side extensions and alterations to existing front garden area to create off-street parking. Under consideration.

DC/16/00121/FULL6  ‘Whitehouse’, 8 Oakfield Lane.  Two storey rear extension. This was refused by the LBB but has been allowed on Appeal. The Inspector has imposed two conditions, a) use of matching materials b) side window to have obscured glazing and restricted opening.

15/01569/CONDIT  4 Oakfield Lane  Details of condition submitted in relation to planning permission 14/01569/FULL6 Condition 4 – surface water drainage. Under consideration.

15/02669/FULL1  Graylins Farm, Jackass Lane.  Demolition of existing barn and erection of 2 two-bedroom single storey houses on land to the North of the existing dwelling ‘The Cottage, Graylins Farm’. Refused. Appealed but refused by the Inspector.

15/01273/TREE  24 Commonside  T1 Mature sycamore ( within neighbour’s garden) encroaching on the Rectory – remove 1 medium dia.lateral branch directly affecting the Rectory back to the main scaffold branch union and reduce remaining low canopy to provide at least 3m clearance from the Rectory. T2 Holly (within neighbour’s garden) adjacent to the Rectory and T1 – Trim crown growing towards Rectory to provide adequate clearance and reduce encroachment. Both trees are located in ‘Sunavon’.

12/00541 The Fox, 2 Heathfield Road. Replacement wooden fence along Fox Lane

12/00564 The Fox, 2 Heathfield Road. 6 raised planters on frontage

These two retrospective applications are in the Conservation Area and were under consideration but have now been refused.

12/03423/OUT Land in Layhams Road  This application is for a change of use from agricultural land to a cemetery with over 8000 plots. The site is next to the Metropolitan Police Dog Training Centre. Application refused. Appeal being made but not yet lodged.

15/00318/FULL6  ‘Whitehouse’, 8 Oakfield Lane.  First floor rear extension and front roof light. Refused. Appeal dismissed.

14/04652/FULL1  Al-Emaan Centre, Croydon Road ( previously a Methodist Chapel ). Addition of mezzanine floor within existing building and new single storey extension, new car parking , hard landscaping and new boundary fence. Refused. Appealed but refused by the Inspector. Note that a retrospective application to retain the roof lights which had been installed has been allowed.












2 Responses to Planning

  1. Tessa Pope says:

    As a resident in Lakes Rd , I strongly object to the proposed extension to a 2nd bulge class being allowed at Keston Primary School, and as for a full double size extension for another 200 children is beyond belief. At the moment the residents in Lakes Rd know it is impossible to get anywhere to park between 2.50 and 3.40 which means if we come home at this time we have to go elsewhere till the road is clear.Also on a personal level when I was having treatment at St.Thomas!s hospital the ambulance bringing me to and fro at times had to drive off and return when the road was clear is this acceptable.In an emergency situation what would happen , there is a community bus that collects and drops old people in this road and they have to be taken to the door

  2. Laurence Pierce says:

    I am in full agreement with Tessa, we have already had Coney Hall Primary School double in size, we have had the large housing development on Bromley Common, and Biggin Hill Airport seems to just grown bigger and bigger.

    The end result is I now live in a small village, on a very narrow lane (Fox Lane) and the speed as well as the amount of traffic has increased FAR to much

    If the Keston school doubles in size, I am certain that the entrance to Lakes Road will grid lock, and remember that Heathfiled road is the gateway to the ever growing Airport as well as getting to the M25 (Shire Lane)

    So as far as I can see, Bromley council seem adamant to just keep adding development.
    There is a difference between “not in my back yard ” and what is feasible

    Next stop, will be just bung a nice dual carriage way right down Heathfiled Road, and add a few Jumbo jets to Biggin Hill


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