KVRA is helping FlightPathWatch

Flightpath Watch www.flightpathwatch.co.uk are a group of concerned residents, including some from residents associations and others from previous groups known as Flightpath, Broad and BRAAD, who have joined forces because they care about the local environment in which we live.
Flightpath Watch are concerned that the result of Bromley Council agreeing on 25 March 2015 to renegotiate the lease they have with Biggin Hill airport will affect not only those living under the flightpath but everyone living in Bromley and surrounding areas. There are three hospitals including the Princess Royal University Hospital and several schools directly below the flightpath. Thousands of residents are also under the flightpath. If Bromley Council agree to an extension of operational hours and increased number of flights the costs to improving Bromley’s infrastructure will be raised from all Bromley council tax payers not the airport.
Please consider your position and visit the website www.flightpathwatch.co.uk to join the campaign.”

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