Dear Resident

Below I give a snapshot of what went on at the AGM on 6 June 2019.

Unfortunately there was a lower than usual turnout for our AGM last night maybe because England were playing the Netherlands! Only 38 people came along to hear two very good presentations on the plans for Commemoration of the War Memorial Unveiling on 20 October 2020, and the workings of the Mosque at Keston Mark.

At the beginning of the meeting David Clapham briefly went through the Chairman’s report for 2018/19, there was discussion about the new 5 acre hanger that is to be built at the Biggin Hill Airport and how this might impact on the already large volume of traffic through the village and concerns were expressed about the doubling of amount of vehicles that come down Heathfield Road since the roundabout has been in place at the top of road. As I previously reported in my last update KVRA will be working with other local groups to try to get some solutions to this problem.

I presented the Treasurers report, our bank balance looks quite healthy at the moment however we will have to pay for the Xmas lights in January which will cost more than the funds available to KVRA and the War Memorial Commemoration will also need funds, so we will continue to have to run events to raise money and may have to ask residents for help as unlike other Residents Associations we do not and will continue to not charge and annual membership fee. The residents who attended the AGM donated £92.76 for which we are grateful. If you were unable to attend the AGM and want to support KVRA with an electronic donation please use the following KVRA Bank Account details; Sort Code: 09-01-29 Account: 35321237.

Commemoration of the War Memorial Unveiling on 20 October 2020

Peter Zieminski is managing a project on behalf of the KVRA to commemorate the centenary of the unveiling of our War Memorial with the help of several Committee members. Peter presented an outline of the project to the AGM which has six elements:

1. A commemorative event to mark the centenary of the unveiling.

2. The cleaning and restoration of the Memorial.

3. An additional names plaque for twenty-three men associated with Keston Parish who died and whose names do not appear on the Memorial.

4. The installation of an information board near the Memorial setting out its history.

The design of the information board is being undertaken by students from Ravens Wood School who presented their latest design at the AGM. Everyone at the meeting was very impressed with both their presentation and the information board design. They will carry on working on it over the next few weeks. Picture of the information board is attached

5. The installation of a ‘There But Not There’ silhouette near the Memorial and the information board.

6. Funding – The indicative costs associated with the project are just over £10,000 and we are delighted that a sponsor, who heard about the project, has already donated £750 to cover the cost of the ‘There But Not There’ silhouette. The Project Team are exploring ways to meet the costs which will include bidding for funding to: The Heritage Lottery Fund, The War Memorials Trust, and Bromley Council as well as holding fund raising events such as quiz nights and other sponsored activities as well as appeals through Crowd Funding and ‘My Donate’ web sites.

However, every penny helps and if you would like to sponsor one of the ‘forgotten’ names to be included on the additional plaque or any of the other work streams then please send your donation to the KVRA (c/o 85, Heathfield Road, BR2 6BB) or by electronic bank transfer marked ‘Memorial’ to our KVRA Account Number: 35321237 – Sort Code 09:01:29.

The Mosque at Keston Mark.
Dr Omar Taha who is a director of the Al-Emaan Centre gave us a whistle stop tour of the history of the Mosque and of the work that they do and how they want to help our community. I have previously sent round the invitations to events at the Mosque and Omar explained how in particular wellbeing events where experts come to talk about issues such, bereavement and mental health are of great benefit to a lot of people in our community. The mosque also has interfaith events such as the annual peace walk. If you would like to know more about the work of the centre please follow this link al-emaan.org.uk.

After the meeting people had refreshments and were able to chat to neighbours.

Best wishes

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