KVRA Update 24 May 2019

Dear Resident

The KVRA committee met for its regular bi-monthly meeting on Wednesday. We were joined for the first part of our meeting by David Wood (Beckenham Society) he was very involved in a local working party that designed and implemented changes to Beckenham High Street. We were interested to hear how the local community went about getting changes and to see whether there is anything that would be helpful to us in resolving issues that we have in Heathfield Road. We have now had sight of the recent traffic survey for Heathfield Road and the volume of traffic has doubled since the completion of the roundabout it is now 110,000 vehicles a week which equates closely to the average daily volume using Tottenham Court Road and other very busy roads in the centre of the London. Unfortunately the constant stream of traffic at peak times slows the average speed and there are no serious accidents recorded so the Road is not seen as a high priority improvements for the Bromley.
The outcome of our discussion was that we will work with KRRSG, and Keston Mark Residents Association to press tfl for improvements at Keston Mark in order to encourage more of the traffic to use Westerham Road rather than Heathfield Road.

AGM Please come along to the Village Hall on Thursday 6 June at 8pm (copy of annual report and agenda attached) please join us after the meeting for refreshments and a chat.

Countryside day is on 30 June 2019

Best Wishes

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