Keston Commonside Vehicle Incursion Measure

As you are aware we have had an number of illegal traveller incursions in Bromley and onto Keston / Hayes common this summer and last year which has resulted in all manner of challenges.

You will be pleased to know that approval has been given and an order placed to install wooden stud posts along the boundary of keston Common / Commonside and I will let you know of the start date once confirmed.

I have attached a site map of where the posts will be installed ,the type, depth ., width apart and height. We have also taken into account that they will be set a metre in from the kerb to allow people to open their cars doors when parking ion the highway.

In addition and as a belt and braces job you may be aware that Bromley currently has an interim three month High Court order banning all illegal traveller incursion into our parks and open spaces and I am due to attend the high court at the end of next month hopefully to have the Court order extended to a 3 year ban.

Link to sitemap

Toby Smith
Street Enforcement Manager
Neighbourhood Management | Environment & Community Services
London Borough of Bromley

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