Night Time Commission Consultation

Dear Residents

Please see below. If you have any thoughts on London’s Night Time Economy, please let Cllr Lymer, the Portfolio Holder for Public Protection & Safety, have your thoughts before the 2nd February deadline. Her email is

Kind Regards

Cllr Alexa Michael
Bromley Common & Keston Ward
London Borough of Bromley
Tel: 0208 464 1999

Night Time Commission Consultation

The Mayor of London has established the Night Time Commission to give him independent advice on London at night. By this we mean all activities between 6pm and 6am, across the whole of London. Our interest is not just in commercial operations like pubs and restaurants. We are equally interested in services, retail and leisure, the experience of London night workers and the ability of all Londoners to use and enjoy streets, public spaces and transport networks safely at night.

At the outset of its work, the commission wants to give organisations with an interest and involvement in London the chance to feed into the debate. Your organisation is one we are specifically consulting.

This is a public call for evidence and we encourage you to share it with other organisations. Please note that we will be consulting separately with London residents via Talk London and other channels.

Consultation questions

We are interested in answers to the following questions. We are not making any rules about length of answers. But we would ask you to answer them in order.

• Question 1. What are the strengths of London’s night time economy? In other words, what is good about London at night?

• Question 2. What are the weaknesses of London’s night time economy? In other words, what is not good about London at night? What does it lack?

• Question 3. What are the threats to London’s night time economy? In other words, are there issues or trends which we will have to address in the short, medium or long term?

• Question 4. What are the opportunities for London’s night time economy? In other words, how could London improve its night time offer? What should we be looking to develop?

• Question 5. What innovations, or ideas from other cities, would make London better at night? This might include commercial opportunities, ideas for events or marketing, initiatives to protect residents, visitors or workers, or ways to improve standards. If you have examples of good practice, we would like to know about them.

• Question 6. In July, the Mayor published his Vision for London as a 24-Hour City. It contains ten principles for the development of London at night. What do you like or not like about the vision? Are the ten principles right? What would you add or exclude, and why?

How to respond

You do not have to answer all of the questions. It will help us if your opinions are supported by factual and statistical evidence where appropriate. Feel free to include links and attachments.

Please include your name, job title, organisation name and email address in your response.
We may publish responses on the Greater London Authority (GLA) website. Personal contact details will be removed from submissions before publication but will be retained by the GLA for specific purposes relating to its night time economy programme, such as seeking additional information.
Please send your response to by 5pm on Friday 2nd February 2018.

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