Last Ditch Attempt to Stop The Desecration of the Biggin Hill RAF Memorial Chapel

To All of You who care about this Iconic Chapel,
Last Wednesday I was allowed just three minutes to present our case to Bromley Council’s Executive Committee, but they are ignoring our 7,600+ voices. They are proceeding to a special Full Council Meeting for final verification on Tuesday next week, but so far are not allowing me to represent our case to all 60 Councillors, because they estimate local votes to be less than 4,000.
Please could you come to Bromley this Tuesday 25th July at 6.30pm for a show of ‘People Power’ in a last ditch attempt to change their minds?

The address is:- Bromley Civic Centre, Stockwell Close Bromley, BR1 3UH. Both Bromley South and North British Rail Stations are close by, and a large multi-storey car park is adjacent to the Civic Centre.
Despite all our pleas, no national newspapers have picked up on our campaign, despite this campaign being of such National (and International) importance, so you are are our last chance!! Please still keep spreading the word, just Google: Protect Biggin Hill RAF Chapel.
Thank you, Rita Radford

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