Biggin Hill Airport Report Published

Please be aware that a report about Biggin Hill Airport Limited’s (BHAL) proposals has now been published on the Council’s website. The publication of the report, which is subject to amendment, is announced in a news release which is also on the website and is currently showing on the home page too.

In light of the considerable public interest in this matter, the full Council meeting and the meeting of the Executive will both be held in the Great Hall on Wednesday 25 November at 7 p.m.

As well as circulating the news release to local media outlets, I am also drawing it to the attention of Resident Associations so they are aware of published report.

The early publication of this report, which is still subject to amendment, gives opportunity for the contents to be properly considered ahead of the meeting and for residents and other interested parties to understand the contents and implications of the report which arises out of discussions which have been held with BHAL since the March Council meetings.

If you do discuss with your residents, please refer them to the news release and the report as well as which is the ‘home page’ for Biggin Hill related matters on our website.

If appropriate, please do advise residents that they can comment on the report if they wish to do so and these comments will be summarised and reported at the meeting on 25th November. A summary of the various correspondence received over the Summer will also be included and therefore, if a resident asks whether their previous letter will be considered, then you can assure them that it will be summarised as described.

Please do advise anyone who may be interested in submitting comments to use the e-mail address or write to the Airport Consultation Group at Bromley Civic Centre. In this way, comments can be properly collated, with copies potentially sent to others therefore being treated as lobbying in that sense. I have deliberately not set a deadline at this stage to enable as much time as possible if someone does want to submit a comment.

I appreciate that there is a lot of information to assimilate but if you do have any questions, please do let me know.

Andrew Rogers
Communications Executive
London Borough of Bromley
Tel: 0208 461 7670

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