LBB Public Consultation – Proposal for a roundabout at junction of Heathfield Road and Westerham Road.

During the Autumn KVRA understands that LBB are due to start a public consultation on their proposal for a roundabout to be located at the junction of Heathfield Road and Westerham Road.

The discussion document on the link below is self explanatory and has been developed by KVRA and The Friends of Keston Common (FoKC) initially to seek residents responses. The document proposes that a much more fundamental approach is adopted to reduce the volume and weight of traffic traveling through Keston Village. Your comments are welcomed and can be passed to any KVRA or FoKC member or e-mailed to or Once all the feedback is received, a final version will be submitted as our response to the LBB public consultation.

Please spend time reading the document as ever increasing traffic levels along Heathfield Road will impact on us all.

The document can be accessed using the following link:

If you experience difficulties please click here to open the document

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Keston Village Broadband Speeds

To assist in gathering information regarding your internet speed please click on the link below where you can log your speed and post information via a form.

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Keston Windmill Open Days

The Keston Windmill will be open from 12 to 5pm on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of September. For more details visit their website

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The KVRA AGM will be held at the Keston Village Hall Thursday June 19th at 8pm.
Click this link for the Agenda and Chairmans Report

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KVRA Update on Keston Village School

Although LBB may want to reserve the right for another bulge class once the current one has moved through the school, KVRA understand that there is no inclination for the Local Authority to seek a second bulge class.

In response to residents’ concerns, LBB are making efforts through a Section 106 agreement that there would be no further growth in pupil numbers for five years.

Despite residents’ suggestions that a temporary single classroom would be the most sensible and cost effective solution, we understand that the latest intention is for LBB to work with the school to develop plans for a single permanent classroom with additional improvements such as improved sporting facilities and additional toilet facilities.

Once a formal planning application is submitted, residents will be informed.

    A Section 106 agreement is a legally binding requirement which is proposed to form a part of any subsequent planning permission

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Varied Volunteering Opportunities

There is a fantastic tradition of volunteering in our local communities and many activities that support vulnerable people would not happen without our volunteers. People with a wide range of skills and knowledge are needed to help out in day centres, provide administrative support for local voluntary groups, speak up on behalf of vulnerable people, get involved in sports groups, or become trustees.
Whatever it is you would like to get involved in the Volunteer Centre Bromley can help you decide what would suit you best. With over 350 vacancies covering volunteering with older people, young people, plants, computers, cameras, DIY, sports, driving, art materials, or managing people and projects, there is something to suit everyone.
What some local volunteers have said:
“… it makes me feel valued and I can fit it in with my work.”
“I help him out every week. We’ve become friends.”
“… school is such a friendly place to volunteer.”
“I never knew I could use my computer skills to help other people.”
For a confidential, one-to-one discussion, or just to ask a question about volunteering contact the Volunteer Centre Bromley on 020 8315 1905. Alternatively, have a look at the national volunteering database

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Keston CE School – LBB Planning Letter

Residents will be aware that LBB carried out a further traffic and parking survey on 28th November 2013. Residents were invited to comment on this additional information with a closing date of Monday 13th January 2014. With a great deal of support from residents, KVRA carried out a physical check of the parking spaces in the four most impacted roads on Sunday 5th January. Numerous photos were taken and these together with a plan and descriptive information have been compiled into another report to LBB Planning Department.
You can read the letter which introduces the photos by clicking here.
If any resident disagrees with the views expressed in the KVRA letter, please write giving your own views to or

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Keston CE School Update – New Traffic Survey

The most recent parking survey was carried out on Thursday 28th November 2013. The results are shown on the following link and the LBB Highways Department have provided their observations to the planners in the report below. LBB have asked for residents comments on this latest data by 13th January 2014. It is very important that residents use this opportunity to comment on this latest information, which has been carried out independently by the company Footmark Surveys. Comments in particular from all the residents who live in the impacted roads are vital.
To view the report click here.
To view the original spreadsheet click here.

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Roundabout – Heathfield Road/Westerham Road Junction

LBB are considering creating a roundabout at the above junction. KVRA have asked to be consulted and suggested that residents on all the village roads which join Heathfield Road should also be involved in the consultation process. To read the KVRA letter which also raises the speed and quantity of traffic travelling through Keston Village, please click the link. If you have strong views on either the roundabout or the volume and speed of traffic along Heathfield Road, please e-mail or comment using the website.

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