Biggin Hill Memorial Museum Survey

Hi David,

I’m Rachael David, Project Support Officer on the Biggin Hill Memorial Museum project..

As part of the project, we’re doing some research into what local residents would want from the museum. We would therefore be grateful if residents could complete our online survey by 19th February. Click here to access the online survey

If you want any further information let me know or give me a call on my number below, I’d be happy to discuss.

Kind regards,

Rachael David
Project Support Officer, Biggin Hill Memorial Museum
Leisure and Culture | Environment and Community
London Borough of Bromley
T: 020 8461 7541

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At our committee meeting on Wednesday we were shown a CCTV photo taken by a camera over a residents front door, it clearly identified a youth who was causing trouble by knocking/banging on doors and running away.
Unfortunately we have received a further report below this morning and agree with the resident concerned that this sort of behaviour must be stopped promptly. Can you please help bring a halt to this unsocial activity which frightens residents and wastes Police time.
“Previously a group of local lads have been banging on our front doors and throwing objects at our houses we have had the same problem tonight (Friday 29/1) where a group of 7 kids roughly between the ages of 12 and 15 threw some bollards that were outside Keston Primary school against my brickwork at the front of the house and threw eggs at the windows of my neighbours house in Lakes Road. If these bollards had hit any windows they would surely have broken them
After last Monday’s incident when they threw a large stick which struck my front door I reported their actions to Bromley Police.
This time my neighbours dialled 999 and the two squad cars rounded up 6 of the youths at the top of Lakes Road by the Fox.
The Police took all their names, ages and addresses and I believe warned them about their future conduct.
I am addressing this to all the residents on your distribution list as I am sure at least a couple of the recipients might be parents of these children and any who had their boys of around ages 12 to 16 out on the evening of Friday 29th up to around 10pm should perhaps ask them where they were and what they have been doing as next time they come calling down Lakes Road the police say they will all be taken into the station for further questioning. My neighbour and I will have no hesitation in calling the police as soon as they appear outside our houses.
I don’t like taking this action but it really does need nipping in the bud before it escalates to something far more serious.”

Kind Regards
KVRA Committee

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Bromley Common and Keston Ward – Vehicle crime prevention advice

Please click here to view an information leaflet regarding general vehicle crime prevention advice.
There has been an increase in theft of and from motor vehicles recently.

Distributed by:
Bromley Common and Keston Neighbourhood Policing Team

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Bromley Common and Keston Ward – Little Book of Big Scams

Dear Ward Member,

Please follow the link below to download the third addition of ‘Little Book of Big Scams’.
Please feel free to pass this on to any friends, contacts and vulnerable residents.


PCSO 7330 Gary Hill
Bromley Common and Keston Neighbourhood Policing Team
Email –
Tel – 020 8721 2607

Little Book of Big Scams Link

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Chislehurst Free Public Meeting on Crime and Gangs Thursday 18th February 2016

Details of the public meeting on Crime and Gangs to be held in Chislehurst on 18th February can be viewed by clicking here.

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Bromley Common and Keston Ward – Safer Internet Day

To view information regarding the Safer Internet Day click here.

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KVRA newsletter – January 2016

KVRA matters

All Keston Village residents are automatically members of KVRA and unlike many residents’ association, KVRA does not charge for membership. On the occasions when donations have been necessary, for example to engage professionals when a specific expertise is essential, residents have always been most generous. KVRA has operated in this way for many years and the current committee continue to support this approach. To view the rest of the newsletter click here.

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Croydon Road – Bowl Car Park

Dear Members – this is just a courtesy e mail to advise you that due to the recent inclement weather – some of the small pot holes have been enlarged and become full of water, such that cars may ground unexpectedly. The car park is located on the Hayes Common , Croydon Road – on the right hand side as you approach the cross road /intersection set of traffic lights of Baston Road and Croydon Road. As soon as conditions permit we will fill these in, level and re-open.

Patrick Phillips
Director of Parks Management Strategy

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Bakerloo line extension proposal update

A consultation on extending the Bakerloo Line has found the most favourable option is to extend it to Lewisham via the Old Kent Road. A letter from the consultation team has been included below.

The Options Assessment Report for the Bakerloo line extension is now available online at

The report considers the possible destinations that were suggested as part of the 2014 public consultation. It also further considers the options presented during the 2014 consultation.

A media release regarding the report and the project’s latest status is also available here.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at
Yours faithfully

Richard Shirley
Consultation Team
Transport for London

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