Keston CE School – LBB Planning Letter

Residents will be aware that LBB carried out a further traffic and parking survey on 28th November 2013. Residents were invited to comment on this additional information with a closing date of Monday 13th January 2014. With a great deal of support from residents, KVRA carried out a physical check of the parking spaces in the four most impacted roads on Sunday 5th January. Numerous photos were taken and these together with a plan and descriptive information have been compiled into another report to LBB Planning Department.
You can read the letter which introduces the photos by clicking here.
If any resident disagrees with the views expressed in the KVRA letter, please write giving your own views to or

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Keston CE School Update – New Traffic Survey

The most recent parking survey was carried out on Thursday 28th November 2013. The results are shown on the following link and the LBB Highways Department have provided their observations to the planners in the report below. LBB have asked for residents comments on this latest data by 13th January 2014. It is very important that residents use this opportunity to comment on this latest information, which has been carried out independently by the company Footmark Surveys. Comments in particular from all the residents who live in the impacted roads are vital.
To view the report click here.
To view the original spreadsheet click here.

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Roundabout – Heathfield Road/Westerham Road Junction

LBB are considering creating a roundabout at the above junction. KVRA have asked to be consulted and suggested that residents on all the village roads which join Heathfield Road should also be involved in the consultation process. To read the KVRA letter which also raises the speed and quantity of traffic travelling through Keston Village, please click the link. If you have strong views on either the roundabout or the volume and speed of traffic along Heathfield Road, please e-mail or comment using the website.

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MET Police Counter Terrorism

KVRA have been asked by PC Jill Bartlett Counter Terrorism Focus Desk of the Metropolitan Police to help publicise their initiative to enlist the help of the public in their fight against terrorism.
Please click here and read how you can help in the attached short leaflet.

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Keston Church of England Primary School – Re: Planning Application DC/13/01666/FULL1

The Planning Department have recently written to Keston residents to ask for comments on two documents recently added to the above Planning Application. If you wish to read the documents, they are dated 5th November and shown at the foot of the list on the following link;


The Additional Information provides the results of two traffic surveys completed on the 3rd and 11th October 2013.
A group of the KVRA Cttee. have met to consider the implications of the Additional Information and found it flawed. KVRA have written to the Planning Department and made a substantial case for the Planning Application to be withdrawn. The KVRA letter is available here…….”

Letter to Simon Greenwood

Individual comments from residents would be helpful and need to be submitted by Tuesday next the 19th November. The easiest method is to click on the ‘Comments’ tab on the above link and complete the form.

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Keston Village Sign

The Keston Village Residents’ Association would like to thank you all for coming to the unveiling of the Village Sign this morning. We hope you all enjoyed it. Here are two photographs of the occasion – however there are many more and we aim to have these to show you sometime tomorrow… see if you can spot yourself in the crowd!

PS We DO know there is a typo error on the plaque and both ourselves and Bromley are looking into it next week.


Please check the Gallery for more pictures

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Keston Village Sign – Latest News

Yes folks as you have seen the post is in – sign will be installed by Bromley Council tomorrow. We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday at 11am.

Sign collected by Carol & Chris from Richard Geiger and installed with the assistance of LBB. See you all Saturday.


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Keston Village Sign Unveiling – 28th September 11:00

The unveiling of the Keston Village Sign by the Mayor of Bromley will take place on the 28th September at 11:00am on the Village Green (adjacent to Greyhound PH).

Come and join us. All welcome!

For further details about your new Village Sign please visit the Information Page.

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Keston CE School Update – PLANS RESUBMITTED

A new application has been submitted, ostensibly identical to the previous plan to increase the school capacity.

WE MUST URGE ALL RESIDENTS WHO WISN TO COMMENT ON THESE PLANS TO WRITE TO THE COUNCIL AND LODGE THEIR VIEWS TO THIS NEW PLAN – Please note even if you have previously written regarding this issue this is a NEW application and requires a NEW LETTER!

For further details please visit the Bromley Planning Website – 13/01666/FULL1


“We are sorry but like others, we can make mistakes. Unfortunately we used the word “double” in the passage above to describe the extent of the expansion of Keston Church of England Primary School. This description is incorrect and as soon as we were alerted to the error, we replaced the word “double” with the word “increase”. KVRA always seek to act with integrity and we would never knowingly publish incorrect information. Please accept our apologies if you were unintentionally misled.
David Clapham

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